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Starfund was formed to connect the best early stage startups with leading celebrities and to then help fund their growth. In the consumer space, entrepreneurs  often have fantastic products but their growth rate is limited by their ability to obtain credibility and visibility. The right celebrity endorsement can turbo charge growth which will then attract more investors and support the next capital raise in a virtuous cycle.
Driven by a team with over 30 years of experience in the celebrity endorsement space, Starfund only matches you with a celebrity that fits your audience and has a demonstrable impact over them.

We typically look for companies that fit a specific description, though we do make exceptions.

1. Early stage. We typically look for deals where the valuation is below $50M.

2. Demonstrated market fit and traction. We ask for 3 to 6 months of market data and metrics.

3. Great product or service that can benefit from a celebrity's involvement.

4. At least 12 months of runway. We don't want you to run out of money when it’s time to capitalize on the celebrity involvement.

5. Consumer product or consumer enablement focus.

6. Strong team.

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The Starfund Deal

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Our Services

Acceleration Period

Match with a celebrity for Equity

Primary compensation for celebrities in this early stage is composed of warrants for stock at fair market value. We typically ask for 4-5%.

Investment Option

We take an option to invest

We ask for an option to invest 25% of the capital injected in the upcoming round. We never lead and never intervene in round terms.

Ongoing Support

Influencer Marketing is our forte

We help our startups grow but take a passive role in company management. No board seat requirements.

Information Rights

We want to know

We expect full information rights as are granted to major shareholders as a precondition to any deal.

PArticipation Rights

We participate in any sale

We expect the same participation rights granted to any major stock holder in sales of company stock.

A Typical Deal

Read for more information

Additional information about what our deals look like is available here:

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Gil Eyal


Founder of HYPR. A veteran of over 200 celebrity endorsement deals including Leonardo DiCaprio, Lance Armstrong, Serena Williams, Lil Wayne, Kevin Hart and more.

Ranked #30 in the most influential people on Influencer Marketing (Influencer weekly). 2017 recipient of boss of the year in tech award (Digiday). Recognized as one of 10 Israelis impacting the New York Tech Scene.

Two time winner of the Marcom excellence in marketing award.



Founder of Emerging Value Capital Management LLC.

Ori has two decades of experience in global finance and investing.  

MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and MSc in Computer Science from the Open University of Israel.

Ori's responsibilities at Starfund include business strategy, financial planning, company evaluation and portfolio management.

Drederick Irving


Successful Wall Street Broker.

Former professional basketball player.

Boston University's all time leading scorer.

Drederick works with Starfund companies on celebrity introductions and negotiations.

oRI moR


Founder & CEO, Mor Langermann.

Member of Phoenix Insurance Group Investment Committee.

Chairman of the Board, M. Aviv (TLV: AVIV) and board member of three additional publicly traded companies.

Former chief investment officer in multiple pension and provident funds.

Talani Goodson


Creator and executive producer of "Courtside Jones", Fox TV series interviewing NBA legends.

Marketing consultant on celebrity and influencer relations to multiple startups.

Veteran of multiple celebrity endorsement deals. Talani works with Starfund companies on celebrity introductions, relationships and deal structuring.



VP of Business Development, Mor Langermann.

20 years of experience as head of business development for multiple startups and early stage companies.

Shahar works with Starfund companies on preparing them for their financing rounds and introducing them to investors.

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