a Founder's Ally; Celebrity Focus

Starfund partners with founders at a pivotal time. We look for exceptional products that need visibility and credibility in order to reach the next phase in their life cycle.

We strive to be the Founder's greatest ally and a major asset for them in the effort to gain traction, differentiation and market adoption. We do this by matching each founder with a celebrity that perfectly matches their target audience and help them leverage this relationship through a 6-9 month program. Our team has facilitated hundreds of endorsement deals and leverages its experience in your favor.

We further support founders in their fundraising efforts by committing the first check into their next round.

Exceptional founders; Consumer Focus

Our model best fits consumer oriented startups who have a market ready product and can benefit immediately from increased visibility. The most common reason for an application to be rejected is that the product is not ready to be endorsed and promoted.

If and when you apply, please make sure you put extra thought into the questions about examples of celebrities that would fit your business and on a high level, how you envision involving them in your business.