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Series B to Late Stage Valuation:


Demonstrable market fit

Seeking celebrity reach and credibility

Traditional Channels Limited

Significant sales and results

Starfund Syndicates

Pre-seed to Seed


Signs of market fit

Celebrity involvement can create significant visibility and differentiation

Celebrities intended to support sales

Initial sale success

Starfund Ventures

Seed extension to Series A


Initial market fit

Celebrity endorsement to set product apart from competitors

Celebrities intended to support sales

Sales run rate of over $2M a year

Founder Testimonials



Sivan Baram, CEO


Gil is a very close mentor and advisor to our rapidly growing start-up radd. We had amazing chemistry with him right from the start and no matter what it is that we consult with him about,  he has always been super supportive, helpful and unbelievably kind. Since we have met Gil, we have made incredible progress with our product and customer base, we expanded the team as well as raised additional investments. We are very fortunate to be able to enjoy his vast experience and knowledge of the industry, every single step of the way.

Reut Ronen Nathanel, CRO


We worked with Starfund on influencer marketing influencers for our beauty brand launch on the NA market. Gil was able to bring to the table a unique perspective. He thinks outside the box, enabling us to maximize the return on our budget and ensure we are investing our resources wisely. Gil's professional knowledge of the social platforms, familiarity with influencer behavior and expectations was essential for us during out strategy stage.

Antti Uusiheimala, Founder


High quality experts like Gil are few and far apart. He has a problem solving mentality and he was always so generous with his time and resources. Pleasure to deal with. As a founder, I treasure people like Gil.

Adam Louras, VP Brand Creation


Gil is the world's top expert on influencer marketing and one of the few people I trust when thinking about influencer marketing strategy for consumer products. Gil's expertise leads to lower customer acquisition costs across the board. He is one of the only people in the influencer industry that is focused on sales metrics and not just publicity.

Lee Rubin, CEO

I met Gil when I was a young entrepreneur at the age of 23. I always had a dream to build something myself and he always believed in me and offered good advice navigating the complex world of startups! It's not always you find good souls in this world and he is definitely one of them.

Adi Ronen, CEO


Gil is the person I trust the most regarding anything related to influencer marketing. He provided us with extremely valuable introductions to experts, clients & partners in our space. In general, his advice and point of view contributed greatly to shaping our company and value proposition. Knowing someone at his professional level is  always there for us, is priceless!

Shai Eisenman, CEO

Hello Bubble

Gil is one of the top experts in the country when it comes to working with celebrities. He was incredibly helpful in strategic thinking, deal structuring, and tactical approach.

Ramon Berrios, CEO

Gil has been a trusted friend and advisor. He has kindly offered to help us without any expectations for anything in return. His advice led to a measurable increase of50% in sales when we introduced new revenue models into the business. Gil’s mentoring radically shifted our business for the better by helping us choose the right market sector to go after and by opening doors to meaningful potential partners.”

Yosi Blank, CEO


I was lucky to beintroduced to Gil a few years back. Gil is one of the sharpest, dedicated, motivated, well-connected, and hard-working people I know. Recently we have been working together on a privacy chrome extension where each time our team got stuck with a fork in the road Gil was there to help us cross it and move on in our path to success. If it's the right Intro at the right time, the very needed advice or any other form of help Gil will know what to do when you're stuck

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