What we look for

  • Early Stage.
  • Product is in the market and suffers from a lack of visibility. Ideally has 3-6 months of market data.
  • Have a clear understanding of how a celebrity will benefit their company.
  • Have a clear understanding of target audience.
  • Financially stable (12 month runway)

Program Information

  • Each company is matched with a celebrity partner who works with the company.
  • Starfund facilitates the relationship on an ongoing basis.
  • Celebrity partners and Starfunded are compensated in equity.
  • Programs have an official 6 to 9 month period and can be extended on a case by case basis.
  • We are invited to participate in your next round of financing.

3 Weeks to a decision

  • Self Evaluation - Does a Celebrity Endorsement Benefit you?
  • Application Review
  • Meeting + decision (within 21 days)
  • Meet your partner
  • Join the team
Apply Now!

Our Process - 3 weeks to decision

Self Evaluation

Our program fits early stage companies that have a product that is market ready. Does this apply to you?

Application Review

We review all applications. Our decision is driven by our ability to build a story around the value we can create for you.

Meet your Partner

Our celebrities work with our portfolio companies for the long run.  Matches are both professional and personal.

Join the Team

Our team provides ongoing support to all participating companies with a focus on strategy, marketing and fundraising.


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