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Proper Good

Chris Jane started ProperGood a year ago with the vision that the shelf-stable meals category was ripe for disruption. He started with the Soup and Broth category and made it his goal to replace the old metallic cans with a transparent, positive ingredient, delicious alternative. The result is a microwaveable, 90-second zero-preparation product that was an overnight success, going from zero to over $200K in monthly sales directly from the website in less than a year. 

Chris is a Stanford Graduate and a second time natural foods founder.

ProperGood creates and sells great tasting, zero-prep, shelf-stable, good for you soups, broths and meals shipped to your door via both DTC and Subscription.

The Perfect Solution; Explosive Growth

ProperGood fits all current lifestyle and food trends including Keto, Gluten-Free and Plant Based. In addition, the company plans on expanding to adjacent food categories to solidify the meals positioning now they've proven the demand for the premium shelf-stable category. The product requires no prep and is ultra-convenient, heat-&-eat in just 90 seconds. I tasted it and thought it was fantastic and 95% of over 2,000 reviews agreed with me giving the product 4 or 5 stars.

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